I Believe People Should Able To Be Have Amazing Conversations, Build Great Connections, And Create The Social Life They Want.​

About Project Euthenia

Project Euthenia is simply a project with the overall aim of helping others to become the best possible versions of themselves. As someone who used to be very shy, insecure, and antisocial, I feel I can relate to my customers, and having worked through these issues myself I am now in a great position to help others overcome their own problems. I feel that the experience and skills I have in this area make me the perfect person to help anyone who is struggling with issues in relation to their social skills, confidence, and relationships with others. Ultimately, my goal is to ensure that as many people as possible can overcome their insecurities and social issues in order to become a new and improved, much more confident person. The idea of anyone struggling with anxiety or any similar issues hurts me deeply as I know that I can help this person to work through these issues and transform their entire life.

How I Can Help You

There are many ways in which I can help you, however most of these revolve around giving you the tools to become a more confident and self-assured version of yourself. I always aim to give my customers the best possible chance to improve themselves, while also learning how to overcome their own problems in the future.

Some of the ways I can help include:

● Improving your small talk and understanding of body language
● Developing your listening and conversation skills
● Building your existing relationships and forming strong friendships with new people
● Teaching you to overcome anxiety and other social issues
● Building your confidence so you can approach anyone without feeling nervous or anxious
● Developing your self-assurance so you no longer care so much about others’ opinions of

My Ideal Customers

I love working with all of my customers, however it helps both me and your self-improvement process greatly if you are:

● Ready and willing to commit to the process
● Willing to open up to me about the anxiety, self-consciousness, or any other issues you may be facing

● Accepting of the social issues you have and ready to work on them

● Happy to put in the necessary effort

● Willing to change the way you live and communicate

● Disciplined and determined to achieve the best possible results

What You Can Do

While I will always do everything in my power to help my customers as much as possible, it can often be difficult to achieve the best possible results if the customer does not put in the effort required to change. For this reason, there may be some rare occasions in which I will simply be unable to continue working with a customer as I will simply see no way in which I can help them.
I may struggle to work with a customer if they:
● Are unwilling to accept their social issues
● Do not put in the effort required
● Are not ready to change their life for the better
● Want a quick fix rather than a long-term solution


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