People Avoid You, Feel Threatened By You Or Don’t Want To Interact With You. Here Are The Hands-Down Best To Become Approachable And Friendly.

If you struggle meeting new people or people seem to avoid you. These simple body language tips will help you get results and become more friendly and approachable.

1. Make Eye Contact

When you make eye contact with someone it connects you and allows you to be present with that person. However, if don’t smile when you make eye contact with someone they will view you as a threat and a challenge.

2. Make Sure To Smile

When you smile after making eye contact it will break the tension. People will see you as friendly and approachable.  Compare to someone who makes eye contact and doesn’t smile. Which people will avoid that person.

3. Make Sure To Tilt Your Head

When you tilt your head this makes you non-threatening to people to whom you are talking to, viewing you or approaching someone. However, this also signals submission.

4. Make Sure To Flash Your Eyebrows

This is recognized as a greeting when you are approaching someone or someone is approaching you. This also signals that you are not a threat.

5. Have An Open Body Language

When you have open body language people view you as more approachable and friendly. Compare to a person who has closed-off body language. Which people will perceive you as someone who doesn’t want to be approach and talk to.


If you apply all of these body language tips. They will make you more friendly and approachable.

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