As Someone Quiet


“You are so quiet” or “You don’t talk a lot.”

The amount of time I heard that phrase said to me as a kid. You must have heard that too.

Every time I heard that, I felt like there was something wrong.

Today, we live in a world where being outgoing and friendly is strongly
encouraged. You see it jobs applications, you have to participate in a
class, or you have people telling you to be this or that.

I believe that people shouldn’t be forced to change their behavior unless they want to change their behavior.


Most people view it as something horrible to have. However, it is not.

When you are quiet, it gives you the ability to listen. The very thing people value the most. When you listen to someone, you will make them feel cared for, making them like you.

Most people are quiet because they fear rejection—that old primal fear of not being accepted and being left out alone to defend themselves.

As someone once told me, “ Quiet people have the most to say.”

🤗Handling The Fear Of Rejection


If that’s speaking your mind, asking out someone or meeting strangers and talking to them.

The fast way to get used to rejection is going out and getting rejected.

I know, right.

The very thing you wanted to avoid.

Start with a straightforward goal. Start by asking a simple request, getting a no or saying hello, and not getting a response back.

If you are having issues committing to a goal. Then create a pro and con sheet listing the pleasures and negative effects of taking that action or not.

When you start thinking about getting rejected in advance, or you just got rejected.

Downgrade the rejection situation.

For example:

“What am I so afraid of? A simple no or not getting a response. It’s not like they are going to pull out a gun and shoot me just because they said no or nothing at all.”

“Even they do say no or nothing at all. Is the world going to end at this very moment? “

“No “

“So what’s next? I could always meet someone new.”


We are all awkward, weird, and have our quirks. Everybody should embrace their quiet side. Make sure to apply these techniques to your everyday life.

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