Afraid Of Having Bad First Impression On Someone. Here’s The Only How To Have A First Good Impression? Guide You’ll Ever Need.

Have you ever wonder why some people have no issues leaving a good impression on someone. The first impression is very critical if you ever establish a relationship with that person. You might have never had a second chance to leave an impression on someone. So make your first impression count. Here are several tips you can apply right now.

Your First Impression

When you are approaching that random stranger.

1. Make Sure To Make Eye Contact

 This allows us to be present and connect with that stranger. So make sure to do it during your first interaction. If you don’t make eye contact with that person it shows a lack of interest. Which will make that person less likely to want to talk to you.

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2. Make Sure To Smile

After, you make eye contact. Make sure to smile to break the tension that eye contact causes.

3. Ask Them Questions And Listen

Start asking them “Hello, how’s your day?”. After that ask them questions about something, about themselves, and seek to find some common ground. This show that you are interested in them. After, that just listen.

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4. Nod Your Head

During the interaction, make to nod your head because it shows that you are paying action. However, during the conversation, you say “Yea”, “Tell me more”, or “What else” or “Uh Huh”. Which will also signal that you are agreeing and that paying attention.

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