Struggle With Insecurity Or Low Self Esteem. Body Language Tips That Improve Your Confidence (Secrets Exposed)! Here’s the Juicy Details

When you walk into a room the first thing people see is your body language. Your body language show how you feel about yourself in the current moment. If you apply these tips for the next 30 days. I promise you to notice a change within yourself. 


1. Keep Your Head Up, Have Your Chest Out And Shoulder Back

This shows that you are proud of yourself and comfortable about yourself. 

2. Keep Your Hands On The Side

It shows that show that comfortable about yourself and that you got nothing to hide from anyone.

3. Make Eye Contact

Confident people make eye contact and hold it with that person. This allows you to be present with that person and connect with them. However, don’t stare because people will view it as a threat.

4. Make Sure To Smile

 When you smile at someone, they tend to reciprocate that smile back. Which makes them feel good about themselves. Also, a smile breaks the tension when you make eye contact with someone.

5. Have Slow And Deliberate Movement

A slow moment shows that you are in no rush. That no matter what, you going to get what you want.  However, don’t move super slow. Make sure to move with purpose.

6. Be Face To Face

This shows to the person in front of you that are paying attention to them and comfortable about yourself.

7. Maintain An Open Body Language

 Having open body language shows that comfortable about yourself. Also, that you don’t mind being approached by someone.

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