Do You Struggle With Approaching Anxiety? Learn The Best Ways To Overcome The Fear Of Approaching People.

I remember I used to struggle a lot with this.

Most of the time, I  would overthink the situation and already thought about the worst things that could happen to me.

Like I’m going to be awkward, they are not going to say anything to me, they don’t want to be bothered; they are going to get angry at me.

So today, I’m going to show you guys ways to overcome that.

Overcoming Approaching Anxiety

Always starting with basics.

I would recommend starting by making eye contact and smile. Until that becomes boring for you. You can start saying “Hello” to everyone that comes across you. Once you get used to it. Add “How’s your day?” after saying “Hello”.

You can go to stores or farmer markets.

Go ask the employee questions about anything like products, cost, food, or something else. Since employees are required to talk and help out the customer. Compared to approaching someone random, who are more likely to not talk to you.  This will allow you to get used to approaching people and initiating a conversation.

After you get used to talking and approaching employees.

Now go approach random people. Test out your skills.

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How To Tell Someone You Want To Be Approached Or Is Approachable?

When you are learning to approach people. You need to know the non-verbal signals that people send to you. This will allow you to know if they want to be approached or are approachable.

Here are some signals:

They Make Eye Contact

We look at people with whom we like and want to connect.

They Smile

People smile at people who they like and send a friendly invitation to the person who receives the smile.

They Have Open Body Language

People who have open body language show that they feel comfortable about themselves and don’t mind being approached.

When you see these signals make your approach and walk confidently to them.

Signs Someone Doesn’t Want To Be Approach

Now let’s see the non-verbal signals that show they don’t want to be bothered with.

They Have Close Off Body Language

When someone closes off their body. It shows that they don’t feel comfortable, lack interest, and don’t want to be approached. 

Avoid Eye Contact

When someone doesn’t make eye contact with you. This shows a lack of interest or feeling imitated. So make sure to avoid these people and go approach someone else.

Don’t Smile

People don’t smile at people that they don’t like.

Make sure to be observant and talk to people who want to be approached or seem approachable.

However, some people send these signals without knowing it. They are super friendly people. Now, it is up to you; if you want to approach them to see if they are friendly.


Apply this in your life; you will notice a difference. With time and practice, you will become indifferent to approaching people.

So go, approach people, because you never know who you might meet.


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