During Or About To Start A Conversation; How Do You Tell If Someone Not Interested In Talking With You?


During or about to start a conversation, sometimes you wonder if someone wants to talk. So today we are going to talk about that very subject. So you don’t waste your time and find someone else to talk to.

One Word Anwers

Throughout the conversation, if they are just saying Okay, Yea, No, Wow, or other one-word answers. Also, listen to their tone of voice when they say it. Does it sound Bland? I recommend just meeting and talking to someone else.


Not Giving You Eye Contact

This shows just a lack of interest; they are insecure. You should just leave the conversation.


Not Being Face To Face

When someone doesn’t face you. It just shows a lack of interest; they are not comfortable with themselves.


No Respond

If you say “Hello” or something else and they say nothing. Don’t take it personally and continue your day like nothing happen. 


Not Putting Effort In The Conversation

During the conversation, you will notice it; they are not talking or asking you questions.

Close Off Body Language

If you see them with close body language this signals a lack of rapport and lack of interest. Also, it shows that this person doesn’t want to be approach or wants to talk.

When you say ” Hello, How’s Your Day or What's Your Name?”. They don't ask you the same thing back.

If you ask them these questions and say good or their name. However, if they don’t ask these questions back. This shows a lack of interest because they are interested they will ask you questions.


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