Everything You Need to Know About What Makes a Bad First Impression?

You only have one time to leave a good first impression on someone. If you mess up your first impression. It would be a lot harder to build rapport with that person. So today, we are going to talk about behaviors you may be doing that could ruin the start of a great relationship.

1. Just Staring

People will view you as a challenge and threat to them. Also, it makes people feel uncomfortable and that their personal space is being violated. So make sure to smile right after you make eye contact.

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2. Not Smiling

When you don’t smile at someone. It will make you less approachable and friendly to anyone who is around you. However, it shows that you are not interested in them and what they got to say about themselves.

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3. Interrupting People

During a conversation, if you interrupt someone, they will view you as rude and inconsiderate. Which will make it harder for you to build rapport with that person.

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4. Talking About Yourself

One of the fastest ways to ruin any interaction is talking about yourself. So I would recommend asking the person questions and be genuinely interested in what they want to say. People love to talk about themselves and will appreciate you for allowing them.

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