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People who are struggling with social anxiety, poor social skills, or just
want to improve their communication skills and are ready to change and
put in the efforts.

People who aren’t ready to take that next step and change. Also, people who want a quick fix.


1 On 1 Phone Coaching Session is $80 and Social Package is $240.

Yes, you will have to inform me no less than 24 hours before the scheduled meeting.

Send me an email at or go Contact Us. Write down your email and tell me you didn’t receive it. After that, I’ll send it.

I offer 1 On 1 Phone Coaching, Social Package and Free Email Coaching.

Phone sessions are 45 minutes long.

If you have a situation you would like me to consider answering in a future post, you can send it (3-4 paragraphs/500 words max) to this email address:

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