How Do You Tell That You Have Great Friends?


Some of us have them, Some of us don’t.

Today, I went out to get a haircut at my friend’s business. There was a new barber who barely got out of barber school. That barber did my haircut.

He did a decent job at it, and I didn’t care about it because I knew it would grow back. I was about to pay and leave.

However, my friend Alex noticed it and said, “Stop, let me fix that for you. I have high standards for my business, and I want the best for you.”

After that, the first thing that popped into my mind was. How do you tell that you have a great friend or someone who has the potential to become a great friend?

Here are some of the observations I noticed with people who are great friends of mine.

Signs Of A Great Friend:


Both of you have similar interests. As the old phrase goes, “Birds of the same feather flock together.”

If both of you love hiking out in the mountains, enjoying watching the same show, or some other similar interest. This is an excellent sign that both of you will develop a great friendship.

👂Listen To You-

When you are talking, they actively listen to what you are saying. They nod their heads and ask you questions related to the topic.

Also, they make you feel appreciated during the conversation. They don’t just stand and wait to talk about themselves.


They make you feel good when you are around them. When you get upset with each other, both of you know how to communicate and fix the issues properly.

It’s easy to talk to them, and they are interested in you. Also, when you are feeling sad, they cheer you up. This shows that you have a great companion.

⭐😀Want The Best For You-

When you go out to improve yourself, they support you and your goals and celebrate your achievements.

Even though sometimes when you are outperforming them. They won’t hold you back and get mad at you for it.


Coming across a great lifetime friend is rare. So make sure if you do encounter someone or have a friend that fits the bill. Please keep them in your life.

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