Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Body Language That Make You Less Approachable And Friendly

Have you ever wonder why some people don’t get approach; while others don’t. Today we are going to talk about body language that makes you unapproachable.

1. Having A Mask

 When you wear a mask people will perceive you as a threat and challenge. Even though that not purpose of a mask. It makes it harder for people to recognize your facial expression.

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2. Not Smiling

When you make eye contact and don’t smile. Many people will perceive you as a threat and that you are challenging them. Sometimes, people will give nasty looks for not smiling when making eye contact

3. Making Uncomfortable Amount Of Eye Contact

 When you are making eye contact with someone, it creates tension between you that person. If you don’t smile when making eye contact. People will feel threaten and uncomfortable by you.

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4. Close Off Body Language

When you have a closed-off body language like crossing your arms, looking down, or having a serious face. This shows that you don’t want anyone to approach you and talk to you.


5. Furrow Eyebrows

Simple, this shows that you are mad; people will perceive you as a threat.

6. Scrunch Nose

 This comes as a result of furrowing your eyebrows. Which also signals that you are angry.

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