Spotting Toxic Friends Or People In Your Life


Going after what you want in life is already hard enough. However, having toxic people in your life makes it even worse. 

Some people will ignore the fact that they are being treated horribly because they believe they can’t do any better. I believe you should have an effortless life with great friends. So let’s make your life a little better.

🚩Toxic Red Flags You Should Be Aware Of

🛑 They Don't Support You-

When you are going after what you want in life, they tell you that’s a dumb idea and that you should stop wasting your time. People like that will drag you down to their level.

🛑 They Talk Or Go Behind Your Back -

They act all nice in front of you. However, they drag your name across the floor and throw you under the bus when you are not in front of them. Remember what you tolerate in life; you invite more of it.

🛑 Lack Of Interest-

They don’t care what you say or invest the time to connect with you. You will hear it in their tone of voice, it will sound dull, and they will avoid facing you. Also, they will avoid making eye contact with you.  

🛑 Manipulate You-

They will make you question yourself and lie to you. They will make you feel worthless and use you. So please pay attention to their actions and what they are saying to you. 

🙌 Conclusion

If you spot someone who displays these attributes, maintain your distance and spend less time with them. Show them the door and kick them out of your life.

You should want friends who support you, make you feel good, and want the best for you. There are billions of people in the world who could become your next great friend, so don’t settle in your life. Everything in life is just a matter of time.

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2 thoughts on “Spotting Toxic Friends Or People In Your Life”

  1. My girlfriend and I were together 14 years, it wasn’t all easy our first daughter died at daycare,we struggled, we had another daughter, she is 7 now, it was rocky we both grieved. I was distant she got to the point hating, in October while I was working in another state she had an affair with a man from another country, anyway the day after I got home she sprung it on me on a Sunday afternoon that she was moving out and needed some time away, long story short it was because she was having an affair, he really screwed her head up she got so mean did a smear campaign lie after lie and now the guy is back home in his country and we both have our own houses. She is coming around a little bit but I don’t know what our future holds she is waiting for the guy to come back. Been going on 4 months our Family is tore apart because of this. This is an 1/8th of the story, its been a nightmare. Thank you!

    1. What I recommend meeting someone new, who appreciate you and respects you. Instead of trying to continue this unhealthy relationship. Show your daughter a true healthy relationship that see can follow in her future relationships.

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