Struggle With Making Friends? Do You Feel Alone? Here Is The Ultimate Guide To Making Friends

The topic I get suggested the most by people. Is about struggling with making friends and ways to make friends.

Making friends can become very easy if you know what you are doing.

Body Language You Need To Make Friends

Body language is important.

If you are going to approach someone or make new friends. Beware of your body language and what it is sending to other people.

If you send the wrong non-verbals, it’s going to be harder to build a connection with someone.

Here is The Body Language You Need To Show:

  • Make Eye Contact
  • Smile
  • Tilt Your Head Slightly

This body language will signal to the person that you are friendly and approachable.

Making Friends

Be friendly to everyone. Say “Hello, How’s your day?” to everyone because you never know you might meet.

The fastest way to make new friends. Is by being genuine interest in other people. Make sure to ask them questions, stuff they enjoy, and things they accomplish.

Remember that people are only interested in themselves and love talking about themselves. So, don’t keep on talking about yourself because that will ruin any rapport build with that person.


 Remember that people who struggle with building connections are those who are not interested in other people and are unaware of what they are communicating.

Find Out What Social Skills That You Need In Your Life

Basic social skills you need to have an effortless social life.

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