The Secret Of Understanding People. How To Tell If Someone Is Interested In Talking To You.

I remember a while back; I could tell if someone was interested in a conversation. That was a big issue because I wasted valuable time on people who lack interest in me.

So today, I’m going to talk about interests and how to identify them. So you guys could save your valuable time and spend your time with people who are interested in you.

You always have to be aware of the person to whom you are talking. Their body language, the way they talk, and what they say. 

However, you need to identify their baseline behavior. Sometimes they may show interest. However, in reality, it means nothing because it is a habit that they do.

What is baseline behavior?

Baseline Behavior is the behaviors that they frequently do.

Body Language Signs of Interests:

They Give You Eye Contact 

We tend to look at people who we like. If you notice that they are giving you eye contact during the conversation.

They Tilt Their Head

This shows friendliness and that you are welcome.

Open Body Language

During a conversation, if you notice that the other body language is open. This shows that the person feels comfortable and likes you.

They Smile At You

When someone smiles at you, they are sending a friendly invitation. Also, sending a nice warming welcome showing that they like you.

Mirror Your Body Language

During a conversation, people who are good rapport with you will mirror your body language.

Behavioral Signs of Interests:

Throw Glances At You

Have you ever noticed some people throwing glances at you? If you have, this could be a sign that this person wants you to go talk to them or like you.

They Place Themselves Around You

Sometimes people place themselves around you because they want you to go talk to them.

They Play With Their Hair

Girls do this quite often when they like someone.

They Lean In

Sometimes when you are talking. You will notice that they will lean in closer to you. So they could better listen to you and get closer to you.

They Remove Any Barrier

 They will do this because they want to make it easy for you. So you can invite them out, make it easier to talk to them, and better connect with you.

They Touch You

This should be an obvious one. Sometimes during a conversation, they would touch you because they feel comfortable and like you.

They Laugh At Your Jokes

No matter how dumb your joke is. They will laugh at it because they like you.

When You Ask Them A Question. They Give You An Enthusiastic Answer

Have you ever asked someone a question? Do they give you one-word answers and sound bored? However, someone who is interested in you will do the opposite of that. You hear it in the tone of their voice and their responses.

They Ask You Questions

They will be curious about you and ask you personal questions. They want to bond with you.


There are many ways to determine if someone is interested in you. So remember to stay observant during a conversation and people around you.
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